Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes

Wheels Corporation is the first Trek agent in Saudi Arabia. Trek Bikes Corporation is one of the most popular and largest leading bicycle companies in the world. Trek Bikes Corporation is an American company established in 1975 to manufacture the latest bicycles, parts, accessories, and even cyclist's clothes and needs.

In 1988, Trek Bikes Corporation established the Trek Wear "the first brand in the cycling clothes field in the United States of America and North America."
Following the Trek great success and the widespread that it achieved for its products, the Trek Wear brand began to spread globally.

Trek opened its first cycling clothes distribution offices in Europe in 1989, with two branches opening in Germany and the United Kingdom.

And for Trek bikes development, the company established Bontrager Brand to get professional and more efficient bikes with Bontrager products and parts.

Trek manufactured many professional bicycle models and classes using smart Bontrager products and spare parts that gave the bikes more strength and lightness together.
For more advanced bicycles, Trek has released many latest bike models globally through its subsidiary “Electra Bikes." which produces many smart bicycle categories and models.

Trek Bikes has continued to develop its bikes and products annually till it has become one of the most popular global bicycle brands, and even providing many bicycle categories and accessories that reach millions of cycling enthusiasts around the world.

Now. Trek Bikes is a global company and has more than 1,700 certified agents in North America in addition to its subsidiaries. And also, it has many certified agents and distributors in more than 90 countries around the world.

Trek Bikes is a leading corporation with a high global reputation, and it participates in all world cycling races and events and always strives to make cycling more enjoyable.

Since 2004, Wheels has become the first certified Trek Bikes Corporation distributor in Saudi Arabia. And since 2012 Wheels has become the first certified Trek Bikes Corporation distributor agent in Saudi Arabia

Trek Bikes Corporation trusts us due to our role in cycling culture spreading in Saudi Arabia; as we provide the individuals with advanced maintenance services and the latest methods of dealing with bicycles for beginners, cyclists, and amateurs.

Besides the cycling events and races we do, and the services we provide the customers with to spread the cycling culture and help cyclists master the cycling arts and modern maintenance methods.

Besides all of the above, we have achieved Trek Corporation bikes widespread and its various products in all Saudi cities in only 16 years.

Also, we achieved massive sales for Trek bicycles and products through our online store and our branches in the different Saudi cities.

Trek Bikes Corporation awarded us the best Trek certified agent award in the world due to the great sales we have achieved for its bicycles and products, and due to the thousands of customers satisfied with our services and products.