Marlin 4 Gen 2

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The Marlin 4 is the perfect trail bike for the trailblazer. It's perfect for new mountain bikers, with knobby tires, hydraulic disc brakes, fork suspension, and a 21-speed drivetrain. This bike has mounts and fenders that make it ideal for new mountain bike riders and students who prefer to bike...
Vendor: Trek
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Product Type: Bike
Color: Trek Black
Size: XS (27.5" wheel)
year: 2023
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Marlin 4 Gen 2 Wheels Bikes

Marlin 4 Gen 2

2,070.00 SR

Marlin 4 Gen 2

2,070.00 SR
Color: Trek Black
Size: XS (27.5" wheel)
year: 2023
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It's so perfect

This bike is perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts, beginners, and riders looking to ride a durable bike that can make showjumping easy and quickly.

The technology you get

The Marlin 4 bike has a lightweight aluminum frame and internal cable routing to protect the bike's cables and add a sleek look. The bicycle also includes a 21-speed drivetrain and a wide range of gears to enable you to go biking wherever and on different terrains, durable mechanical disc brakes, and a fork suspension that lets you ride off-road with the utmost comfort and stability.


This bike is everything you need to go on any adventure. This bike comes with mounts and fenders that make it a great choice for those who want to take the bike to school, college, or the grocery store.


Why you would prefer it

A real Marlin 4 mountain bike is perfectly suitable for the daily commute, to college, or just about anywhere on any road, with the ultimate in flexibility and stability. This bike has fenders and mounts that enable you to go with a versatile bike and get a rugged commuter. Small-size XS and S bikes come with short-reach brake levers that make riding easier. and more comfortable for riders with smaller hands, as they can utilize brakes with confidence. Small-size XS and S bikes come with a curved top tube and a lower standover height. So, it is easy for young riders to disassemble and install. Like every Trek bikes, it's covered by a lifetime warranty

The Walkthrough

Top curved tube

Top curved tube

Smaller tyres in sizes XS and S have a top tube that lowers down towards the seat tube. And this geometry provides a lower standing height. This feature is suitable for short riders as it allows them to align their bike professionally. Tires in sizes M and L have a straight top tube, as taller riders don't have the same issues with standing height.

Suitable for every cyclist

Suitable for every cyclist

Trek releases the Marlin 4 bike in seven sizes to fit riders of different heights. The size of this bike enables you to go at high speeds. The Marlin bikes with small sizes come with shorter brake levers and a narrower steering wheel to help riders cruise in comfort and control.

Technology and high value

Technology and high value

This bike has many features that you can only get on higher-priced bikes, such as a sleek frame, internal cable routing, and a brake cable to protect your little ones from the weather and give the bike a nice look.

Size Rider Height Inseam

145 - 155 cm

4'9" - 5' 1"

69 - 73 cm

27" - 29"


155 - 165 cm

5'1" - 5'5"

74 - 78 cm

29" - 31"


165 - 176 cm

5' 5" - 5'9"

79 - 83 cm

31" - 33"


173 - 180 cm

5'8" - 5' 11"

81 - 86 cm

32" - 34"


177 - 188 cm

5'10" - 6'2"

84 - 89 cm

33" - 35"


188 - 195 cm

6' 2" - 6'5"

89 - 91 cm

35" - 36"


195 - 203 cm

6'5" - 6' 8"

91 - 97 cm

36" - 38"