Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear customers, Wheels corporation appreciates its customers' confidence in it and always seeks to preserve their data privacy and confidentiality by depending on the latest international usage standards of personal information for all wheels online store' customers.

Before we discuss the privacy policy terms, we will explain what the users' profile information is.

Personal information "Personal Profile": It is the information that determines the customer identity, location, contact details, subscription details, payment methods, and others.

Dear Customer, to know how Wheels Corporation maintains your privacy and to guarantee your info confidentiality,

Please read the following privacy policy terms carefully: -

(1) Information gathering.

(2) Information usage policy.

(3) Information protection.

(4) Cookies files usage

(5) Third-party links.

Information gathering policy

You must know what information Wheels Corporation collects about its customers and how it gathers this info. Then you will fully-understand wheels policy for collecting customer information.

What personal information does Wheels Corporation collect about its online store, blog, or mobile application users?

Wheels Corporation needs some personal information about its customers who buy from its online store or register on its website. And this information includes:-

  • Name and e-mail address.
  • Location and mobile number.
  • Identity card number and payment methods.

And other personal details that Wheels Corporation needs to provide better customer service.

How does Wheels Corporation collect its customer information?

Wheels Corporation collects its customer personal information only when he registers on wheels website, subscribe to e-mail newsletters and surveys, or send a contact request.

Wheels Corporation allows its customers to change their personal information or cancel its subscription from e-mail newsletters by logging into their account.

Information Usage Policy

Wheels Corporation may use the personal information of its customer registered on its website or the subscriber to one or more of Wheels services.

Wheels Corporation uses its customer info to provide them with a better service.

There are many information usage policy' terms wheels corporation adheres to maintain its customer data privacy. We can mention them in points: -

  • Wheels can use its customer contact information to notify them of offers, discounts, new products, or services.
  • Clients can request from Wheels not to contact them by e-mail or mobile.
  • Wheels corporation doesn't use its customer personal information or for communication and notification of offers and services.
  • Wheels Corporation does not assure its customer information privacy and confidentiality if they inform any other party about it.
  • Wheels cannot change or edit customer personal information unless the customer officially requests that.
  • Wheels will never sell, share, or transfer its customer personal information to any external parties.
  • Wheels Corporation will only disclose its customer personal information for legal purposes or to protect its rights, ownership, security, and others if needed.

Why does Wheels Corporation use its customer personal information?

Wheels Corporation uses its customer personal information for many purposes to provide them with a better service.

And we can mention the most popular of these purposes as follows:-

  • Customer notification of new services, products, and offers.
  • Newsletters sending by e-mail to wheels customers and subscribers regularly.
  • The online store development to provide a better service.
  • Customer questions answering and problem-solving.
  • Contests and surveys conducting about wheels products and services.
  • Providing customers with faster and easier transactions.

Users and customers information protection policy

Wheels Corporation depends on all international procedures and standards to protect its website visitors and customer information privacy and confidentiality, but,

How does Wheels Corporation protect its website visitor and customer information privacy and confidentiality?

Wheels Corporation conducts comprehensive and regular checking for its website to detect any security holes or technical problems.

Wheels Corporation gathers its website customer or user information via fully secured networks, and only a limited number of technicians at Wheels have access to them.

Wheels Corporation encrypts its customer credit card and financial information through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technique.

All customer transactions are processed through the secure gates service provider, and Wheels Corporation doesn’t store or process these transactions through its servers.

Cookie Usage Policy

To clarify the cookies usage policy, or as it is known as browser logs, we must answer the following questions: -

  • What are cookies?
  • Does wheels Corporation use cookies files?
  • Why does Wheels Corporation use cookies files?
  • Are cookies optional or mandatory to use?
  • Do cookies affect the purchasing process and reservations?

What are cookies?

Cookies are browser logs that include many small files transferred by the service provider or the website to the customer's Internet browser hard disk. And these files enable the website systems to recognize the user's browser and obtain specific info about his preferences and uses on the website (If the customer allows it).

Does Wheels Corporation use cookies files, and how does it use them?

Yes, Wheels Corporation uses cookies.

Why does Wheels Corporation use cookies files?

Wheels Corporation uses browser logs or cookies. So that it can recognize their customers’ preferences and uses and provide them with a better service.

Many reasons make Wheels use cookies we can mention them in points as follows: -

  • Easy to remember the customer previous deals on wheels online store.
  • Customer past and current preferences recognition to improve his next dealings.
  • Customer info and transactions analysis to develop the user experience and provide a better service.

Are cookies optional or mandatory for customers to use?

The cookies used by Wheels Corporation on its website are optional.

The user can accept or refuse to receive all types of wheels cookies files by the setting options in his browser.

Do cookies affect the purchasing process and reservations?

Cookies files never affect wheels services reserving or products ordering process negatively.

When the user accepts the cookies, this will make his next dealings better and more effective.

And when the user rejects cookies, he can reserve and request the products and services he wants, but not as effective as if the cookies are accepted.

Third-party links

Wheels Corporation puts many companies and brands' products on its online store.

Wheels corporation is not responsible for these companies' website privacy policy, as these companies have their policy that differs from wheels corporation one.

Likewise, Wheels Corporation is not responsible for any content, products, services, or activities that exist on these sites linked to the Wheels website.

For Contacting Us

For More details about privacy and information policy, Wheels Company always welcomes your inquiries through:-

Wheels Headquarter:

Wheels hotline: 8001111034