Below are some frequently asked questions by our customers before purchasing our products.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to send them to us.info@wheelsbikes.com.

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Yes, you can buy almost all of Wheels Corporation's products online and have them delivered to you whenever you are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Yes, of course. Wheels Corporation takes all safety standards into account, so buying from the Wheels Online Store is completely safe.

There is no minimum limit to buying any of Wheels online store products.

1. Customers must create an account at wheelsbikes.com.

2. Must have a Credit card or MADA card.

3. Shipping address must be clear and correct.

You can create an account on the Wheels website through the following steps:

• Go to the registration page and log in.

• Choose the Create a new account icon.

Fill in the required information fields.

• Click the Submit button.

After following the previous steps, you will receive a confirmation registration message in your inbox.

Yes, of course. By logging into the Wheels website, directly accessing your account page, and then logging into the information page.

Do not worry if you forgot your account password on the Wheels website, as you can recover it through the following steps:

• Click on the login / Register button.

Click on the Forgot Password link.

• Enter your email to get a password change request and a new password.

Yes. Most of the wheel's products are available for purchase through its online store. But if one or more Wheels products are not available, you can contact the Wheels customer service center at the unified number 8001111034.

All products on the Wheels website that include the Add to Cart button are available for online purchase.

Yes, of course. You can edit the address after your purchase order confirmation, but within a maximum of 24 hours from confirming the purchase order (for the products that have not yet been delivered to the shipping company). By contacting the Wheels Customer Service Center via the unified number: 8001111034

Yes, you can cancel the product order by submitting a cancellation request through the Wheels electronic store, explaining the cancellation reasons. And then Wheels customer service will contact you within 48 hours at the most.

Yes, of course. You can track the status of the products that you order from the Wheels online store through the following steps:

• Log in to your account on the Wheels website.

• Log in to your requests page.

• Choose the order page you want to view.

• You can follow up on your order through the order following up icon on the order page, and you can also choose the shipment following up link on the same page.

You can contact the Wheels Customer Service Center to check the required products' status and the arrival time via the unified number 8001111034.

No. Wheels online store receives payments only through the available methods, and there are no cash payments except if you want to buy from Wheels branches located in the Kingdom.

Wheels Corporation accepts many online payment methods; we mention them in the following points:

• Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, STC Pay, Mada Card)

• Installment service (Tamara).

You can know the expected time for delivery through the product page itself or the purchasing confirmation process in the shopping cart.

In general, if you are in the same city where one of the wheels is located or live near it, you will receive the required products within 7 days at most from the date of ordering the products.

But you will receive the order within 10 days at the most if you are in a city far from Wheels branches.

In exceptional times and during the promotion period, it may take longer than the defined period to deliver the products, and customers are notified of this when ordering the products.

• Wheels adds a shipping fee of 34.5 SAR For delivery to cities where there are branches of Wheels Est.

• Wheels adds a shipping fee of 150 SAR for delivery to distance cities or to cities where there are no branches for the Wheels Est.

• In both cases, 15% VAT will be applied to all orders.

Wheels Corporation depends on SMSA Company to ship and deliver its products.

Usually no; the shipping company will not contact you unless the shipping address is not specific so that the product arrives on time.

No. Wheels products are only shipped to all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Yes, of course. Wheels Corporation currently ships all its products to all Saudi cities, and the customer should choose the branch closest to him to ensure that the products arrive as soon as possible.

Yes, of course. All Wheels branches provide warranty and maintenance services to Wheels Online Store users through the after-sales services that Wheels Corporation provides its customers.

In the event that there is no Wheels branch in your city, you can contact Wheels customer service via the unified number 8001111034.
And we will send a shipping company representative to receive the product and send it for maintenance and warranty services.

You can benefit from Wheels foundation warranty services for its online store products through:

- Going to the nearest Wheels branch.

- The original invoice is required with a valid warranty period.

You can know the warranty period for the products that you order from the Wheels online store through the following methods:

• Review the purchase invoice that includes the warranty period and the responsible branch for warranty service.

• Visit the warranty section on the wheels website.

Or you can also contact the Wheels Customer Service Center via the unified number 8001111034.

Firstly, Wheels Corporation provides you with an apology statement for this mistake.

Then you can return the product within 3 days of receipt or exchange it within a maximum of 7 days, according to Wheels policies for return and exchange. But the product must be in its original condition and packaging.

Yes, you can return or exchange any product that you buy from the Wheels Online Store, according to Wheels return and exchange policies.

If the product has a manufacturing defect, is not the required product, or even if you have changed your desire and need for a product, you can return it or exchange it, but under the following conditions:

The product must be in its original condition.

The product must be in its original packaging.

You can return and exchange wheels online store products according to the wheels policies for return and exchange through:

Going to the nearest Wheels branch.

Call the Wheels customer service center via the unified number 8001111034 and one of the shipping company representatives will reach you to take the order.

The return and exchange period for Wheels online store products is determined when the customer receives the product. And the original purchase invoice is required to complete the return or exchange process.

After accepting your purchase order cancellation, Wheels will refund the paid invoice online to the customer within a maximum of 10 days, including the shipping fees, if the product has not been delivered to the shipping company. But if the product has been delivered to the shipping company, the shipping fee will be deducted before the customer gets the invoice back.

If the product has a manufacturing defect or isn’t the required product, Wheels will refund the refund to your account.

But if you want to return the product for other reasons, Wheels will refund you the total invoice minus the shipping fee.