Wheels Bike Fitting Service

Don't let an uncomfortable bike ride keep you from enjoying your journey. Wheels fitting service will make sure your bike is perfectly tuned to your body, and you can accomplish your objectives and priorities by using our innovative technologies and a comprehensive consultation process. To improve your bike position, our professional technicians consider your injury history, physical ability, flexibility, and your goals. Which we adjust your shoe cleats, handlebar, and bdale for maximum comfort and performance, as well as the degree of inclination of the saddle that is ideally suited to your body type to achieve maximum comfort on the shoulders. With Wheels fitting service, you can go the distance on your bike with ease and confidence!

Be fit with wheels bike fitting and don't wait for an injury or anything to happen before coming to get your bike fitting. With Wheels advanced technologies you will make sure your bike is perfectly tuned to youra body through a consultation process that focuses on your goals and preferences, And also we consider your injury history, physical conditioning, and flexibility, to have the best performance. You can get your bike fitting for 500 SAR. instead of 800 SAR. at any of the wheels branches. Book your appointment now to get your bike fitting.

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Questions .. ?

1- Is bike fitting worth it?

A professional bike fitting is one of the most important steps in purchasing a new bike. If you want to ride pain-free for many years, give yourself a favor and treat yourself to the correct bike fit.

2- What is included in bike fitting?

The mechanics will analyze the cockpit, cleat setup, seat height, pedaling motion, and reach to the handlebar. The fitting process should take between one and two hours.

3- How do I prepare for a bike fitting?

Bring everything you usually take on rides, including your bike, one pair of shoes, shorts or bibs, and socks (if you wear them). Imagine that you are about to undertake a regular bike ride or race.

4- What is the most important step in fitting a bike?

The most important part of a comfortable bike fit is the feet. Your feet are part of your body that are most tightly coiled while you are riding. Your ankle, knee, and lower back may be in danger if your orientation is wrong.