Bontrager Brand

Bontrager Brand

Wheels Corporation is the first certified Bontrager agent in Saudi Arabia.

Bontrager is one of the most important manufacturers and distributors of the international company Trek Bikes. And this company was established to eliminate many bicycle parts problems.

Physicist, engineer and mechanic, Keith Bontrager established this company after looking for bicycle parts failure reasons.

After deep searching in Litter bins for bicycle parts failure causes, he came up with higher-performance and more durable solutions and designs. Then, these ideas can eliminate the spare parts problems and will be alternative solutions.

The Bontrager Company was incorporated as a subsidiary of Trek Bikes in 1980 in California, USA.

Bontrager had focused on scientific facts in Bicycle designing and implementation to offer high-quality and perfect performance, more durable spare parts, and he succeeded in that.

He depended on strength and lightness factors in Bontrager different bike parts manufacture. Then, Bontrager spare parts implementation required more costs and for an expensive bike, compared to others that differ from them in the mentioned technical specifications.

Within a few years, Bontrager succeeded in achieving huge sales and widespread, not only in the United States but in many countries around the world, in Europe and Asia.

We presented Bontrager accessories and bikes spare parts for the first time in Saudi Arabia at wheel stores in Riyadh and Jeddah.

With our endeavor to satisfy the customers' needs and make Saudi cyclists keep up with the global bicycle developments, our stores have become the most popular stores that provide various Bontrager bikes and products in the different Saudi cities.