Weekly Ride Terms & Conditions


Acknowledgment and Waiver

I acknowledge and commit to complying with all the terms and conditions related to participating in the Wheels Weekly Ride and will adhere to them during my participation in these rides.

1- I completely waive all claims or causes of action against Wheels Trading Est. in the case of injuries or damages that may occur to me during my participation in these rides. I take full responsibility for my personal safety and any potential losses.
2- In the event that I borrow any bicycle or accessory from Wheels Bikes, I undertake to take good care of it and maintain it properly. If the bicycle or accessory is lost or damaged during the rental period, I commit to bearing all associated costs.

3- I commit to refraining from engaging in any activities deemed unsafe during the ride and from acting in a manner that puts myself or any other person at risk. In addition to respecting all cyclists and organizers participating in the ride.

4- I agree to return the bicycle in the same condition as it was during the rental period (the bicycle will be inspected thoroughly before and after pickup). 

5- I agree to wear the helmet, use the bicycle lights, and adhere to traffic laws and guidelines during the ride. 

I agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above and commit to complying with them. This agreement is effective as of the date of approval and constitutes a legal agreement between me and Wheels Bikes Company.