The best Trek Kids Bikes in Saudi Arabia


Bicycling has become a preferred hobby for millions of individuals around the world. And in Saudi Arabia, many individuals look for the best 
Trek kids bikes of different ages.
Many reasons make individuals look for the best bike for their children: the desire for children to practice this healthy and safe sport, as well as for fun, entertainment purposes.

How to choose the best trek kids bikes

And if choosing a suitable bike for adults is important, choosing an appropriate bike for children is also important and needs to put many considerations before choosing a kids' bike, so we will try through this article to recognize the different children's bicycles.

There are many things that you must keep in mind to get the best trek kids bike for choosing a suitable bike for your child that satisfies his need and desire in cycling.

Before ordering a suitable bike, you must know how to choose the best children's bicycles as follows: -

Appropriate kids bike size determination

You can determine the appropriate kids' bike size by defining the child's tall and taking his age into account, as the children's bicycle sizes differ for different age groups.

Appropriate kids bike type determination

When you want to determine the best suitable kids' bike, it's necessary to keep in mind the biking purpose: for sports, entertainment, and fun, or as a hobby and others.

It is also necessary to define the bike category required from hybrid, mountain, and road bikes.

Kids' bike Safety Means 

Before purchasing a suitable bicycle for a child, it is necessary to determine the safety means required for the bike according to the child's age and weight (such as the braces, for example, or specific brakes).

In general, you should choose a lightweight bike to be suitable for the boy or girl weight for more balance while cycling.

Before discussing the kids' bikes' different categories and sizes, we must emphasize that kids' bicycles for both boys and girls are similar, with different designs and colors in the girls' bikes.

The kids’ bike categories

Trek provides the best kids' bikes in Wheels Corporation stores and the online store with many models and categories that satisfy the various needs and desires.

We can mention the best Trek bikes for kids in some points as follows:-

·      Trek kids bike Precaliber.

·      Trek Roscoe bicycles.

·      Kickster kids bicycles.

·      Trek Wahoo.

·      Kids Bikes Verve3.

·      Farley kids bikes.

Trek kids bike Precaliber

Precaliber Bikes are from the best trek kid bikes that Trek provides in various models and categories for different ages.

There is a kids' bike suitable for young cyclists, who are ready to go with the bike at a younger age than others (3-4 years), such as the Precaliber 12, which includes training wheels that are easy to disassemble and install and free of tools. And there are suitable bicycles for older age groups.

All Precaliber bikes have low tires to make it easy for children to jump, stand, and get off.

All Precaliber kids' bikes have coaster brakes, and their frames are made of lightweight aluminum, making it easy for children to maneuver and thus with comfortable, durable, and enjoyable bikes.

Some of these bikes have training wheels for younger age groups, while some have simple Shimano shifter with speeds up to 8.

In general, Wheels Corporation provides these bikes in various categories to suit the early ages, rugged roads, and the grand ages with different sizes and models that we can mention in some points as follows:-

·      Precaliber 24 8-speed Suspension

·      Precaliber 20 7-speed

·      Precaliber 16

·      Precaliber 12

Trek Roscoe

Roscoe is a trek bike suitable for children in an earlier age group. These bikes are available as mountain bikes with a durable design and structure.

The Roscoe 20 bike is one of the most popular models in this category, which has medium thickness tires, about 2.8 cm thick, with the X1 drive system.

This bike is suitable for cyclists with a length of 45-52 for children whose tall ranges from 114 cm to 132 cm. And then it provides a unique experience for these children to go with the bike somewhat like adults.

The tires of this bike are gold aluminum with 20-inch wheels. And the bike has a Shimano's 1 x 8-speed drive system that helps it navigate rocky and rugged roads with all of flexibility and comfort.

The Roscoe Trek also includes a rear brake to provide maximum protection for children while cycling, and this brake is highly durable that will not be damaged when falling off.

In general, this bike is an advanced stage of children's bicycles, as it can be a transitional stage and a preparation for adult bicycles later on.

We can mention some of this category as follows:-

·      Trek Roscoe 20

·      Trek Roscoe 24

Trek Kids Bike Kickster

Trek kids bikes are mainly for children that want to cycle professionally.

Trek Kickster bikes for kids manufacturing bases on balance, which is a prime concept for Trek Corporation in various bike manufacturing. Then, this bike doesn't include pedals.

This bike can help children skip the idea of relying on training wheels. And instead: cycling with the appropriate two-wheeled bicycle.

This bike has lightweight aluminum frames and wide tires to fit kids with short feet.

This bike is suitable for children whose tall ranges between 34 to 40 degrees, so it includes a limiter to guide the child while riding the bike, which prevents children from turning the front wheel along the road or even turning too quickly.

This bike suits the children with a tall of 30 to 40 degrees. So, it includes


Trek Bike Farley for kids

This bike is one of the trike bikes for children who adore adventure, as this bike suits various sandy, rocky, dirty, and paved roads.

As the bicycle industry experts believe, this bike helps children gain self-confidence while cycling because the Farley 24 enables them to climb on any terrain and go with flexibility and comfort on any road.

This bike has wide 4-inch tires that make this bike one of the most suitable kids’ bikes for rugged roads.

The tires are made of Alpha Gold Aluminum, and the bike has a fork expansion made of Aluminum and Alfa platinum.

Plus, it has a Tektro M286 powerful hydraulic disc brake that helps kids stop well with the wide tires that help them go anywhere.

In general, this bike is considered a high-performance Trek bike for children at an attractive price due to its features and parts made by Shimano and Bontrager.

For example, the bike handle is by Bontrager. And the bike is provided with a 9-speed range Shimano Altus M370.

Trek Kids Bike Wahoo

Trek provides Wahoo bikes as a hybrid versatile light bike with a motor of X81.

This bike can be used on paved and rugged roads, as it has many gears that help the child go in anywhere.

These bike tires are made of light silver aluminum (Alfa series) with a volume of 1.95 * 20 inches, so this bike has a quite-wide tire.

This bike includes Shimano Acera M360 Rapidfire SL, Bontrager Handle, and seat.

Trek manufactures these bikes in various sizes to suit the different kids’ ages for both boys & girls (there are some bikes for boys and others for girls).

We can mention some of this bike’ categories in points as follows:-

·      Wahoo 20

·      Wahoo 12

·      Wahoo 24

·      Wahoo 26

Wheels Corporation always seeks to spread cycling culture in Saudi Arabia. And to make it a passion not only for adults but also kids. 

So, Wheels Corporation provides the best Trek kids' bikes in Saudi Arabia exclusively in all Wheels online store and branches.