The Best bike saddles in Saudi Arabia


The best bike saddles in Saudi Arabia are the seats that make the cyclist feel as flexible and comfortable as possible when starting off his bicycle, whether it is the best road bike Saddle, mountain, road, or hybrid.

Wheels Corporation provides the latest bicycle saddles for major brands in the bicycle spare parts and parts industry through the Wheels Online Store and the branches of the Wheels Corporation in Saudi Arabia.

In this article, we mention the comfortable bike seat provided by Wheels Est. in brief, let's go.

The Best bike saddles in Saudi Arabia

Wheels establishment strives to provide the best bicycle parts and the latest parts that make cycling more enjoyable and comfortable. Therefore, Wheels online store and its branches provide the best comfortable bike seat of one of the most popular international companies, Bontrager.

We can mention the most prominent Bontrager bicycle seats that are provided by the online Wheels online store, in points as follows:-

Bontrager Aeolus Comp 145mm.

Saddle BNT Boulevard Fluid 225mm.


Saddle BNT Commuter Fluid 165mm.


Bontrager Aeolus Comp 145mm.

It is a lightweight, full cutout aero using the latest biomechanical research to minimize soft-tissue pressure and increase strength and lasting comfort at the same time.

This saddle is one of the best bike saddles that provide cyclists with more comfort, power, and speed to take to deeper trails and spin forward to a more aero setting.

The additional components of this seat make it the preferred saddle for any cyclist who wants to ride their bike comfortably and achieve high performance on the road.

This short saddle, its wide nose, and full cutout aero support the cyclist and eliminates soft-tissue pressure while cycling.

Saddle Bontrager Aeolus Comp 145mm Features

Thousands of cycling enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia prefer this seat for its unique reasons and advantages. And we can mention the most prominent of them in the following points:-

This seat has been designed based on the latest biomechanical research, enabling the cyclist to achieve high performance and comfort while riding the bike.

The Bontrager Aeolus Comp 145mm is a premium bike seat designed to help riders have an Aero Road mode.

Bontrager corporation issues these saddles in two sizes to fit the saddle structure and position of both men and women and to eliminate soft-tissue pressure while cycling.

The full cutout aero reduces soft tissue pressure, allowing for a more powerful rotational position.

The lightweight shell provides more balance in weight, strength, and flexibility.

In general, the global company Bontrager developed this seat to help riders get the highest possible performance. So we find this seat is slightly shorter than traditional seats, and the rider can install the saddle with a slight of 10 mm from the nose and tilt it two degrees down.

How to choose the comfortable bike seat in Saudi Arabia?

Choosing the best bike saddles is a relative matter that differs from one cyclist to another according to many considerations. But in general, the most comfortable bike seat for the cyclist is always the best for him. Cycling comfort often relates to the riding position and how the cyclist's body contacts the saddle.

Although all Bontrager designs all bicycle seats professionally to make the biking process more flexible and comfortable, there are 5 positions of the bicycle seat. The first position may suit some riders, and the second fit others, etc.

Although all Bontrager design saddles professionally to support and relieve soft-tissue pressure, you won't be comfortable riding a Posture 5 saddle in an aerodynamic position. And you wouldn't want to ride the Posture 1 saddle upright.

To determine the best bike seat for you, start selecting the best position from the following five postures.

Triathlon saddles - Posture 1

Race saddles - Posture 2

Performance saddles - Posture 3

Fitness saddles - Posture 4

Comfort saddles - Posture 5

Triathlon saddles - Posture 1

This posture seat is one of the best bike saddles designed to suit riders who adopt an aerodynamic position for simple racing and aggressive riding.

Race saddles – Posture 2

These seats are suitable for individuals who prefer setting off with mountain bikes or road bikes. These seats are perfect for riders who prefer a forward riding position for both power and performance.

So these Bontrager saddles are very suitable for highway and mountain biking enthusiasts in small mountain races.

Performance saddles - Posture 3

The performance saddle is the best choice for always enthusiastic riders and racers. And this seat is also suitable for off-road and trail enthusiasts and any rider who wants to go high speed and long distances.

Comfort saddles - Posture 4

The seats of this posture are very suitable for enthusiasts exercising during cycling tours. And the position of these seats is more upright than the best road bike saddle.

Comfort saddles - Posture 5

This seat is the best for enthusiasts of cycling with a comfortable bike seat. This posture is suitable for riders who prefer to ride their bike upright on the saddle so they can enjoy the views and surroundings.

In Wheels Est., we always strive to satisfy the cyclists’ needs and passion in Saudi Arabia by providing them with professional Trek bikes and the best bike saddles, spare parts, and accessories that cyclists need for biking in exciting races and adventures.