The best bicycles for women in Saudi Arabia


Many girls are looking for the best bicycles for women in Saudi Arabia, whether they are road, women's mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and other types of bikes.

The preference criteria, features, and specifications that girls look for in bicycles vary according to the needs, requirements, and purposes of each girl's ride.

In this article, we will highlight the best women's mountain bikes and others women from Trek, that Wheels Foundation provides through its branches and online store. Let's go.

The best bicycles for women in Saudi Arabia

Trek bikes are the best and most popular women’s hybrid, road, and mountain bikes in Saudi Arabia because of the features and professional capabilities, high-quality parts, accuracy, and efficiency that help girls launch and enjoy their bikes in various conditions.

We can mention the most prominent types of women’s trek bikes in Saudi Arabia are the following:-

·        Women's road bikes

·        Women's mountain bikes.

·        Women's Hybrid bikes.

Trek Women's Road Bikes

Trek manufactures a wide range of women's road bikes with professional technical specifications, capabilities, and high-quality bike parts for girls who prefer high speeds and long distances.

We can briefly mention the most prominent Trek bicycles for women for the road in some points as follows:-

·        Trek Emonda bikes

·        CrossRip Trek Bikes

·        Domane bikes

·        Trek Speed ​​Concept bikes

·        Madone bikes


Women's mountain bikes

 As there are mountain bikes from Trek for men, there are mutual durable mountain bikes. And we provide them through wheels online store at the best prices in Saudi Arabia and with advanced professional specifications and features to meet the different needs and requirements of girls riding a bike.

We can mention the most prominent women's mountain bike categories as the following:-

·        Trek Marlin MTB.

·        Trek E-Caliber Bikes.

·        Powerfly FS bikes.

·        Slach bikes.

·        Pro Caliber MTB.

·        Trek Top Fuel.

Women's Hybrid Bike Categories

Wheels through its branches and online store offer a variety of women's hybrid bikes to suit both professional cyclists girls who prefer high-performance, mid-speed bikes and combine both the characteristics of road bikes and mountain bikes.

We highlight the most prominent hybrid bicycles for women as follows:-

·        Trek FX

·        Trek Bikes Dual Sport

·        Verve Bikes

Bicycle Accessories

Bike Accessories and cycling clothing are indispensable for girls to enjoy riding a bike and go on their bikes in different road conditions and different weather conditions without being affected by the temperature or road bumps.

For women's bicycle clothes, they must be of appropriate sizes and high-quality materials. These clothes are certainly no different from men's clothes. Although they differ slightly in their design, they come in completely different colors from the colors of men's clothes.

Bontrager and Trek Cycling Apparel is always the best among thousands of cycling enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia.

Some of the most prominent clothes for girls to ride a bicycle are:-

·        shirts.

·        shorts.

·       gloves.

·        Socks.

·        Warmers.

·        Shoes.

As for the cycling accessories that girls need, they include all the additional tools and collectibles that help girls enjoy riding a bike.

We can mention the most popular bike accessories for women as follows:-

·        Bicycle helmet.

·        Sports glasses.

·        lights.

·        locks.

·        Water bottles.

·       Back bag.

·        Mirrors

 In general, and as our leading role in spreading the cycling culture in Saudi Arabia, Wheels provides the best bicycles for women made by Trek and all the high-quality professional accessories and spare parts needed in the Wheels Online Store and branches of the Wheels Foundation in Saudi Arabia. To encourage girls to go with the right bike and satisfy their passion for this fun sport.