The best bicycle brands in Saudi Arabia


The best bicycle brands like Trek trust Wheels Corporation, as a certified distributor for their latest bicycles and accessories through the Wheels online store and the branches in Saudi Arabia.

Trek International Bikes Company is the most prominent and most popular global brand in the bicycle industry, preferred by thousands of Saudis who love mountain, road, hybrid bikes, etc.

In addition to Trek, Wheels Store provides the latest bicycle spare parts and accessories for the most popular international brands in the bicycle parts industry.

In this article, we will highlight the most popular bikes brands in Saudi Arabia, which Wheels Foundation deals with to satisfy the needs of cyclists in Saudi Arabia. Let's go.

The best bicycle brands in Saudi Arabia

Wheels Corporation and its online store always strive to provide all the professional and high-quality bicycles and the accessories and spare parts that cyclists need.

Therefore, the wheels est. offers, through its branches and its online store, the latest bicycles, and accessories for the following international brands:-

Bikes Brands

·        Trek Bicycle

·        Electra

·        Shimano.

·        Bontrager.

·        Saris.

·        Camelbak.

·        Oakley.

Trek Bicycle

Wheels Est. is the first and exclusive distributor of Trek International in Saudi Arabia. Trek is one of the best bicycle brands not only in the Kingdom but in the world.

Trek is an American company established in 1975 AD. And it specialized in the manufacture and development of bicycles, spare parts, and accessories that a cyclist needs while setting off.

Wheels Store provides the latest Trek bikes for men, women, and children and all categories as follows:-

Trek Mountain Bikes

  • Trek Marlin bikes.
  • Trek Skye SL.
  • Slash bikes.
  • Trek Caliber
  • Powerfly Trek.
  • Trek MTB Bike DownHill
  • Trek 820
  • Roscoe Bikes.

 Road Bikes

  • Trek Domane
  •   Trek Madone
  • Trek Emonda
  • Speed Concept
  • CrossRip Bicycles.

Trek Kids Bicycles

  •   precaliber bicycles.
  • Trek Roscoe
  • Kickster Trek.
  • Trek Wahoo bikes.
  • Verve 3
  • Trek Farley


Electra, a subsidiary of Trek International, was established in 1993. Since its establishment, the Electra has been concerned with developing the structure and performance of the bicycle for better and more flexible cycling.

Electra is one of the best bicycle brands in Saudi Arabia. And Wheels Establishment is a certified distributor of Electra in Saudi Arabia, which provides the latest bicycle, accessories, and spare parts of Electra through the wheels online store and wheels branches in Saudi Arabia.

Some of the most prominent Electra products that we provide:-


·        CRUISER 1 MEN'S NON-US 26.

·        Saddle Electra Ergo w/Elastomefrs Black.


Shimano is a Japanese company specialized in the manufacture and development of bicycle parts, founded in 1921 in Osaka, Japan, to contribute to the development of new, more flexible bicycle tires.

We always seek to provide cyclists in Saudi Arabia with the best tires and bike engines; Wheels Corporation provides the latest Shimano products through the online bike shop of Wheels and its branches. So that Wheels Corporation has become one of the most important distributors of Shimano products in Saudi Arabia.



Bontrager is one of the best bicycle brands in Saudi Arabia, founded in 1980 as a subsidiary of Trek International to develop bicycle parts and provide more professional and higher-performance spare parts.

Wheels online store - the first distributor of Bontrager - and its branches provide the latest professional Bontrager products.

·        Bag Bontrager Adventure Top Tube.

·        Bar/Stem Bontrager Aeolus RSL VR-C 40 Cm X 90 Mm Carbon.

·        Cage Bontrager Handlebar Mount 31.8mm

·       Gloves Santini Trek-Segafredo Team XL.

·        Saddle BNT Commuter Fluid 165mm/185/225mm.


Wheels Est. is an intentional distributor for Saris International. And Saris is one of the best brands in the bicycle industry in Saudi Arabia and the world in general.

Saris est. Wants to make cycling more enjoyable and flexible, so it manufactures high-quality professional products and parts for bikes of all categories. Wheels Est. Seeks to provide the latest Saris products through its branches across the Kingdom.


Wheels Est. is one of the most important distributors of Camelbak products. Camelbak is a global company founded by Michael Edison in 1993 in the United States of America.

This company specializes in manufacturing water bottles, accessories, and helmets that cyclists need.

Wheels Establishment seeks to provide the latest Camelbak products in Saudi Arabia through wheels stores. And one of the most prominent of these products is:-

·    Camelback-Podium Chill 21oz.


Oakley is an Italian company and one of the most popular and popular glasses manufacturers in the world. And it was founded as a subsidiary of Luxottica, the world's largest glasses manufacturer.

Wheels Corporation is an authorized distributor of Oakley glasses that cyclists need while cycling. Wheels provide the latest products of this company for bicycle enthusiasts, men, women, and children through wheels online store and wheels branches in Saudi Arabia.

As Wheels' establishment highly contribute to spreading the cycling culture in Saudi Arabia, Wheels also seeks to provide bikes and accessories for the best bicycle brands in the world. This is to help and encourage riders to purchase high-performance professional bikes and high-quality spare parts through the Wheels Online Store and our branches in the Kingdom.