The best Trek Mountain Bikes in Saudi Arabia MTB


Getting high-performance trek mountain bikes is embarrassing for many cyclists due to the many MTB categories in the Wheels online store in Saudi Arabia.

When choosing a professional mountain bike, getting a high-performance bicycle with durable brakes and safety means is very important to go on adventures and walk on rocky, unpaved, and rugged roads with comfort and flexibility.

Trek Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bikes in Saudi Arabia, and it is only available exclusively in the wheels online store and its branches in Saudi Arabia.

In this article, we will try to explore more about Trek mountain bicycles. Let's go.

What Are Mountain Bikes? 

MTB Bikes are from the most prominent bicycles in Saudi Arabia, preferred by many cyclists who adore adventures and discoveries.

Due to the purposes of use, these bicycles have distinctive technical features that differ much from others in different bicycle types.

Therefore, these bicycles are considered the heaviest and smallest bicycle types, and these bicycles are wide and have a wide seat as well.

Also, it has several gears, which enable the cyclist to travel with it on rocky and rugged roads with stability and at the appropriate speed.

Trek produces many Trek Bikes MTB categories with various technical features to satisfy the different customers’ needs in Saudi Arabia through wheels online store.

We can mention some of Trek mountain bikes in some points briefly as follows:-

·       Trek Marlin Bikes MTB.

·       Trek Bicycles Skye SL.

·       Slash Bikes.

·       Trek Bicycles Caliber.

·       Powerfly bicycles.

·       MTB Bike DownHill.

·       Trek bicycles 820.

·       Roscoe bicycles.

What is the best Mountain bike?

 There are many options for you to select one from the Trek mountain bicycles categories. We can't mention all of them, but we can mention some of them in some points briefly as follows:-

·       Trek Marlin.

·       Trek 820.

·       Trek Roscoe.

·       Trek X Caliber.


(1)   Trek Mountain Bikes Marlin

Trek Bikes Marlin are mountain bikes that suit both beginners and those who love mountain biking.

These bikes have multiple capabilities and advantages at an affordable price. Then, they suit cyclists who are looking for high-performance bikes at a limited budget, students who are looking for the best mountain bike, and individuals who travel by bike daily.

Trek releases these bikes in various models with different technical features.

However, there are general features of Trek Mountain Bikes Marlin. For example, all models include a 100mm fork expansion and powerful disc brakes.

These bikes come in various frame sizes ranging from 13.5 to 23 to suit all men and women customers.

We can mention the most prominent models of this bike as follows:-

·    Trek Marlin 4 

·    Trek Marlin 5 

·    Trek Marlin 6

·    Trek Marlin 7 


The Marlin 7 bike is one of the best mountain trek bikes and even the best bike from the Trek Marlin model. This bike provides cyclists with more advanced and professional features and capabilities than previous versions of this category.

This bike has a silver aluminum frame, and many of Shimano and Bontrager components and parts, for example: -


·       Bontrager XR2 Comp

Shifter & Cassete

·       Shimano Deore M4100, 11-46, 10 Speed

·       Shimano Deore M4100, 10 speed

(2)   Trek 820

This bike is a suitable option for those who adore discoveries and adventures outside the cities. It is considered one of the most expensive Trek MTB bicycles.

It is even considered the best mountain bike for beginners who love mountain biking, look for a somewhat hybrid bike that fits on paved roads inside the city, and at the same time, it is a high-performance mountain bike.

One of the most valuable features of this bike is that it has a Shimano cassette of 7 speeds, as well as it enables you to go on various paved road conditions, gravel paths, and rugged rocky roads.

This bike frame is a durable steel frame that provides the cyclist with the highest performance on rugged roads without any imbalance.

Besides the above, this bike includes many components and parts of Bontrager and Shimano, like:-

Bike seat:

·       Bontrager alloy, 29.2mm, 12mm offset 300mm length.

·       Bontrager alloy, 29.2mm, 12mm offset 330mm length.

·       Bontrager alloy, 29.2mm, 12mm offset 400mm length.

Some of Shimano parts

·       Rear derailleur: Shimano Tourney TY300, long cage, 34T max cog.

·       Crank: Shimano Tourney TY301, 42/34/24, 170mm length.


(3)   Trek Roscoe MTB

These mountain bikes are from the most popular Trek Mountain bikes that encourage mountain biking enthusiasts to try out the adventure experience with all of their confidence.

These bikes are also some of the best MTB Bikes for professionals and expert mountain bikers who go on challenging adventures; it is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

All Trek Roscoe bikes have a fork expansion with 120mm, a simple X1 cassette, and several gears. And these features allow riders to cycle on rugged mountain roads, over hills and rocks, with ease and flexibility.

Trek Roscoe bike frames are made of Alpha Series gold aluminum, so they are steel lightweight, providing many technical advantages for the tire.

Trek Roscoe 8 bikes are the latest in this category and include many features for those who want to go off and adventure on rugged unpaved roads, even if the dirt roads are full of pitfalls.

The bike consists of a long frame of high-quality lightweight gold aluminum with a size of 27.5 * 2.8, in addition to an engine provided with a 1 * 12 SRAM PG-1230 Eagle 11-50, 12-speed cassette with several gears and disc brakes.

Besides the above, Trek Mountain Biking roscoe has several models for men and women to satisfy cyclists' needs of MTB Biking. We can mention some of them as follows:-

·      Trek Roscoe 6

·      Trek Roscoe 7

(4)  Trek Mountain Bikes X Caliber

Trek X caliber bikes can be considered the best mountain bike for those looking for professional, high-speed, high-performance Mountain bikes to travel long distances outside cities and from city to city.

Also, these MTB mountain bikes are suitable for participating in races or for going to work when staying far out of the city.

All Trek X Caliber models consist of lightweight, fast-moving tires that are highly flexible in rugged, rocky, and dirty roads. All of the bicycle frames are durable, lightweight, and made of high-quality aluminum.

These bikes include fork expansion to help the cyclist get the highest performance when cycling on heights.

Trek provides Trek X Caliber in 7 various sizes to provide cyclists with the best suitable mountain bike.

We can mention these bike models in some points as follows:-

·     Trek X Caliber 7

·     Trek X Caliber 8

·     Trek X Caliber 9 

Despite the advantages that Trek X Caliber 7 and Trek X Caliber 8 bikes have, the X Caliber 9 bikes are the latest Trek mountain bikes in this category with more advanced features and capabilities than its previous ones, and certainly at a higher price.

Trek Mountain Bikes X caliber are high-speed mountain bikes for racing mainly.

The X Caliber 9 bike is a mountain bike that consists of a light frame and is made of high-quality lightweight aluminum, has a RockShox Judy Silver 100mm fork expansion, and a Shimano 1x12 Shimano XT / SLX.

In general, Trek Mountain Biking X Caliber is a professional mountain bike for those who adore biking with high speed on rugged roads with a high-performance bicycle.

Wheels online store is the first one to provide the latest Trek mountain bikes. Also, Wheels Corporation provides all trek MTB bicycles exclusively in its branches in Saudi Arabia. Then, you can choose the best Trek mountain bike with all features and the size needed to go for adventures.