The Cycling clothes & accessories


Trek bicycle clothes and Bontrager accessories are the most important objects that can’t be ignored by professional cyclists, beginners, enthusiasts, and experts when cycling in Saudi Arabia.

The cycling clothes and accessories needed for the cyclists vary according to the bike type, usage purposes, and the weather conditions; there are clothes and accessories for summer and others for winter.

But there are prime cycling clothes and accessories that we can mention in this article.

Cycling Clothes

Professional cyclists look for the best clothes to go with their trek bikes, whatever the type of mountain, road, hybrid, etc.

Cycling clothes differ in Trek mountain, road bicycles, fitness bikes, and hybrid ones according to every category usage purposes.

 The cycling clothes are various. But they are all made to provide the cyclist with the highest flexibility and balance and help the cyclist have an exciting experience in cycling.

There are light cycle clothes for summer days, and some other bike clothes suit winter days and cold conditions during cycling.

Trek cycling clothes

Trek Cycling clothes protect the cyclists from the different weather conditions on winter and summer days.

These clothes are used in races, as the suitable clothes sizes help the cyclist go with the highest speed and security instead of the unsuitable clothes that may disturb the cyclist.

In General, the biking clothes benefits help the cyclists feel more flexibility during cycling.

Every part of cycling clothes provides the cyclist with specific benefits for many purposes, as shown in the following paragraphs.


What are Trek cycling clothes components?

Trek cycling clothes components are many, and we can’t mention all of them in one article, but we can list the prime ones in some points as follows:-

·      T-shirt.

·      Short.

·      Gloves.

·      Socks.

·      Warmers.

·      Shoes.

Jersey Santini Trek

Jersey Santini Trek is one of the most important cycling clothes provided by Bontrager.

 Bontrager provides Jersey shirts in various categories and sizes to meet the different cyclists’ needs.

This jersey T-shirt is made of high-quality microfiber polyester fabric. And this fabric is made of microfiber polyester materials that absorb moisture quickly. And so your shirt dries faster.

This T-shirt includes 3 back pockets for the cyclist to put some objects in it. And it has side stripes that quickly absorb vein for faster drying.

This shirt has 3 back pockets for the cyclists to put some objects needed when cycling,

Trek Corporation provides Jersey shirts in different categories for women and children with various colors and sizes that differ from men.


Cycling Shorts

Trek Corporation provides Bontrager biking shorts made from micro-polyester filament fabrics.

This short has an inner cushion designed to protect the cyclist's body and provides it with the high flexibility needed during cycling.

Bontrager shorts are made from informed Biodynamic chamois professionally to eliminate all cyclist muscles' pains during biking.

In general, this short eliminates perspiration problems during cycling on summer days. Also, it moisturizes the cyclist body during biking.

We can mention the most popular Bontrager biking shorts as follows:-

·      Bib Short Santini

·      Circuit Bib Cycling Short

Warmers and Covers

Warmers are cycling clothes components that cyclists wear during cycling on winter days to give them the warmness needed and protect them from cold conditions.

The cyclists use Warmers to warm arms, feet, and knees, as there are various warmers for each part of these previous.

All the Trek Warmers are made of a thermal fabric so that it traps the cyclist's body heat, these warmers are quick to dry and absorb moisture, and this inner fabric made of wool gives the cyclist comfort and warmth needed while cycling in cold climates.

We can mention some of the most popular Bontrager warmers as follows:-

·      Bontrager Thermal Cycling Arm Warmer

·      Bontrager Thermal Cycling Leg Warmer

·      Bontrager Thermal Cycling knee Warmer

As for Bontrager Covers,

The cyclists use Trek covers by Bontrager in the summer and hot days, as these covers protect the cyclist body from the hot sun shines.

These covers are made from the texture of UPF +50 that moisturizes the cyclist body and protects it from the hot sun shines, as these covers are light and flexible weavings.

We can mention the most popular Trek Covers by Bontrager as follows:-

·      Bontrager UV Sunstop Cycling Leg Cover.

Cycling Clothes for Women

To enjoy magical cycling for the women, they must get suitable clothes to go with the bike professionally and securely.

The women cycling clothes don’t differ from these for men in the appearance and materials, but they differ in the clothes colors, designs. In general, there are various sizes for all women and men's cycling clothes.



Bike Accessories

Cyclists use Bicycle accessories, tools, and additional "luxuries" when cycling to enjoy the best experience when riding for various purposes, whether hiking, adventure, racing, etc.

To get high-quality bicycle accessories, you must first determine what you need and the suitable for your bike.

Many accessories differ from one bike to another according to the bike type: some accessories that you can use for riding a road or city bike can't use to ride a mountain bike, etc.

We cannot mention all of the cycling accessories in one paragraph or even an entire article, but we can mention some of them in some points as follows: -

·      Bike Helmet.

·      Bike carrier.

·      Glasses.

·      Torches.

·      Bells.

·      Locks and strings.

·      Water bottles.

·      Back Bags.

·      Mirror.

·      Blowers.

However, the Bike Helmet is one of the most popular and recommended cycling accessories because it protects the cyclist head when falling, so we will explain it in the next paragraph.

Bike Helmet

The bike helmet protects the head from shock, scratching, or even hot sun shines on summer days through its design with two outer and inner layers, so the outer layer absorbs the crashes and falls. And the inner layer protects the cyclist's head.

Bontrager helmet is one of the best cycling helmets and Bike accessories in general, as it protects the cyclist's head.




Bontrager Helmet

If you want to have a high-quality helmet, you can choose the best suitable Bike helmet for your cycling in the internal city bikes, rocky roads, or racing purposes.

Bontrager helmet is available in various categories to meet all cyclists’ usage purposes. We can mention some of these categories as follows:-

·      Helmet Bontrager Specter WaveCel

·      Helmet Bontrager Quantum

·      Helmet Bontrager Starvos

The Bontrager Wavecel Helmet is one of the best Trek helmets with multiple models, and Bontrager Specter WaveCel is the most popular one.

Bontrager Specter WaveCel is a new advanced Bontrager helmet, as it can be used for protection in daily cycling within the city, on rugged, paved roads, and for racing.

The helmet is a foldable cushioned cellular structure that can be adjusted and fitted with one hand and includes good ventilation techniques.

In general, this helmet includes a soft, comfortable, washable, and moisturizer cushion with reflective features to provide the cyclist with better visibility.

Wheels Corporation provides not only professional Trek Bikes but also all Trek cycling clothes. Also, Wheels provides Bontrager bike accessories exclusively through Wheels online stores and in all Wheels' stores in Saudi Arabia.