Bike size chart in Saudi Arabia


Recognizing the appropriate size from bike size chart is the second step for the individual after determining the bike type he needs, whether it is a Trek road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, or other bicycle types.

Determining the best sports bike for each individual and its size is not an easy matter, as some think, because there are standards to recognize the appropriate size for each type of bicycle. But the sizes differ from one category to another in the same bike type according to many considerations.

Through this article, we will help you know the basic parameters of the trek bicycle size charts.

How to recognize the bike size chart?

The suitable tire sizes for each individual differ according to the tall of each individual. But the women's bicycle sizes differ from the men's ones. And there are specific sizes for children.

The suitable bike size recognition process is effective because it prevents many negative consequences that occur to the cyclist resulted from inaccurate and wrong bike sizing.

 The wrong or inaccurate bicycle sizes may cause some problems such as back and knee pain.

Therefore, Trek sets many considerations for its customers to determine the suitable Trek bicycle sizes for each customer for different bicycle categories (Trek mountain bikes, Trek roads, Trek hybrid bike, sports bikes).

For example, we can explain the sizing standards of mountain trek bikes as follows: -

Sizing mountain trek bikes is primarily depending on providing the flexibility and comfort needed when cycling.

These standards depend on the bike seat tube length and determining the appropriate tire size for each individual according to their height and weight during cycling.

It is preferable to choose bicycles with a long tire base if the individual wants to travel at high speeds, for long distances, and in cases of going downhill at high speed.

And if you have long arms or a long trunk, a bike with a longer wheelbase, greater distance, and speed gives you more flexibility during cycling.

The bike with a short-range and a shorter tire base is faster and easier to move around, although it provides unstable performance.

These bikes are the best suitable for people with short trunk arms. They help them control the bikes' handle more flexibly and comfortably.

In general, there are some elements that you cannot ignore when recognizing bicycle sizes, which we will explain in the following paragraphs, as follows:

·      Bike handlebar size.

·      The Trek bikes seat size.

·      Bike frame size.

The cycle handle size

you mustn't ignore The bike's handle features from bike size chart when choosing the most suitable size because an inaccurate angle can cause unhealthy bends and some problems in the back and shoulders.

The bike handle height affects the control and flexibility that the bike provides the cyclist with, as follows: -

·       In the case of road and hybrid bikes, the handle should be 1 inch higher than the bike seat.

·       In the case of mountain bikes, the handle must be 1 inch lower than the bike seat.

The bike handle size also affects the balance and flexibility state for the cyclist, as follows: -

·      In the case of Trek road and hybrid bikes, the handle must be as long as the cyclist's shoulder.

·      In the case of mountain bikes, the handle must be longer than the cyclist's shoulder.

In general, the handlebars should be higher than the bike seat to help the cyclist drive with a more straight back.

It is also preferable that the handle should not be too high from the bike seat to help the cyclist go with the speed needed with all of balance

and flexibility.

Trek Bicycles saddles Sizes

Bicycle seat sizes vary between different bicycle categories, and there are many seat sizes for one bike. Some of them may be slightly tilted back or forward.

Bicycle straight seats are the most comfortable and preferred type for most cyclists because they achieve the highest comfort and balance needed for cyclists.

In all cases, the cyclist must sit on the bike seat and extend his feet on the pedal, and when cycling, his legs must be straight, and he has no difficulty grasping the pedals.

trek and Bontrager saddles

The Suitable Frame Size

Tire size is one of the main elements of the bike size chart that affects the overall bike size.

Bicycle industry experts and professional cyclists say that the wrong tire size affects a cyclist's comfort badly during cycling.

If the tire is larger or smaller than the appropriate size, the cyclists will feel tired and exhausted when extending their legs during cycling.

The cyclist will also feel that his feet are not straight while cycling and will even need to pause for some time to take a break and extend his feet.

In general, space should be only 1 inch between the cyclist's feet which is straight while cycling, and the ground in Trek road bikes, racing, and Trek hybrid bikes, while this space should increase a bit in the case of mountain bikes.

Frame Sizes

Before we mention how to determine bike tire sizes, we will explain the outer frame volume and tire thickness.

For example, a bicycle tire size of 24 * 2 inches means that the tire insider diameter is 24 inches, while the outer tire is 2 inches thick.

We will mention the bike frame or tire size “the bike tire diameter with the outer frame. And these dimensions certainly differ in mountain bike trek and road and hybrid bikes, as follows: -

·      Mountain bikes and some hybrid bikes always have a thick outer frame.

·      Road bikes always have thin outer frames.

Mountain bikes and bicycles that run on rugged and rocky surfaces or unpaved roads need tires with large thickness to decrease the load, overcome crafts and go with flexibility on rocky roads.

Bikes tire sizes' calculator.

There are several methods for determining trek bike sizes and the sizes of different types and categories of bicycles in general, including calculating the suitable tire size for a cyclist by calculating the length of his legs, including bicycle size chart.

You can calculate the tire size for different bikes by calculating your foot length from the ground to the fork.

Then you multiply the foot length by a constant value for each type of bike as follows: -

·      Road bike size: The foot length calculated .70

·      Mountain bike size: The foot length calculated .66

·      Mountain bike size: The foot length calculated .685

Different sizes and shapes of tires from trek and Bontrager.

Bike sizes for kids

The size of children's bicycle tires differs from these of men's bicycles, and there are specific standards for tire sizes for children in age groups. We can mention them in points as follows: -

  Children 5-7 years old: The suitable tire size is 12 inches.

  Children 7-10 years old: The appropriate tire size is 20 inches.

  Children over ten years old: The best tire size is between 24-26 inches.

The bike size chart determine many sizes for men, children, and women and differ according to the bike category, the cyclist's tall and weight. But the professional cycling experts always advise cyclists to choose the most flexible bike without being committed to the fixed bike size calculator standards.

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