The Best Bicycles in Saudi Arabia


Trek Bikes are the most spread bikes in Saudi Arabia because of the high-performance and high-quality components for all professional Trek Mountain Bike, Trek Road Bikes, and the hybrid bike that Wheels Est provides.

Trek produces professional bicycles to meet the various customers' needs and purposes with high-quality bikes with various distinctive features.

In this post, we will explore more about the best bikes in Saudi Arabia with the most prominent features, as follows:


The Best bicycles in Saudi Arabia


There are many types of the best bikes in Saudi Arabia, and these types differ in technical features, performance, appearance, and speed.

The differences between the bicycles are because of the purpose and the usages of each category.

Every bike category is used for specific usages and purposes, and so it is manufactured with certain features and requirements.

For example, Trek road bikes differ in features from Trek mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles, or city bikes used for city internal daily transportation.

Certainly, the prices of different trek bicycles differ according to the technical features of each category.

We can mention the most prominent trek bicycles in Saudi Arabia in some points and describe all the categories briefly, as follows:-

 Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are from the most prominent Trek Bikes, and they are considered the best bike category generally.

Trek Mountain bike ”MTB” has many high-performance capabilities to enable the cyclists to set out with the bike on the rocky and mountain roads with all of the stability.

These bicycles have a distinctive structure that makes them the heaviest and the smallest bike category.

Also, they contain a thick frame. Then the cyclists can go with these bikes and move on all rocky and mountain road pitfalls.

These tires are also multi-knotted, so the bike can move on the shocks and maintain the highest stability.

Trek mountain bikes include wide seats and many gears that enable the cyclist to move on rough rocky roads at the highest speed.

The bike handle can be elevated to help the cyclists have the best comfortable sitting for more control and more clear view.

Although these bicycles are the best for only rocky and mountain roads, they are sold at attractive prices with many features compared with other bike categories. 


Road Bikes

Trek road bicycles are popular bikes used in various Saudi cities, especially those in cities that contain paved and flat roads.

Trek road bike is considered one of the best bicycles in Saudi Arabia that suit everyone from beginners to professionals and experts.


And because it is suitable for traditional usage on paved and flat roads, it cannot be used on mountain and rugged roads but is in racing and is considered one of the most prominent bicycles used in racing, especially races held on dirt roads.

These bikes have two-axle brakes that are strong, light, and small at the same time to provide you with high flexibility and control at the same time.

This bike is quite light compared to other types of Trek bikes, and this lightweight advantage of the bike gives the cyclist and the bike, also the proper highest of stability and balance while cycling.

One of the road bikes' advantages is that they are less resistant, and this is in the cables, frame, and wheels designs.

These bikes have a thin frame and a medium number of gears to help the cyclist go with the minimum effort and with the highest stability.

As for the handlebars, many road bikes consist of light handles that enable cyclists to drive at high speed.

Road bikes are the most expensive bicycles due to the importance and material quality of the bicycle parts (tires, gears, and handlebars) made of carbon fiber or titanium.

Hybrid bicycle

The hybrid bicycle provides both the benefits of mountain bikes MTB and the road bikes advantages in one.

This bike has the lightweight advantage of road bikes while it is durable like Trek mountain bike, so it has flexibility and strength at the same time.

As for the hybrid bicycle brakes, they are durable and powerful brakes like mountain bikes. These brakes enable hybrid bike cyclists to go to cities and alleys.

Hybrid bikes also allow the cyclist to put the frame he prefers, as these bikes work with moderately thin tires, quite thick tires, or even frames with external protrusion.

However, these bikes' tires are usually narrower than mountain bikes and wider than road bikes ones to withstand high pressure and enable cyclists to go cycling on rocky roads.

Also, these bikes allow the cyclist to place an expansion folk assistant that helps him go on cycling whatever various shocks that he faces.

As for the bike handle, it is flat like it is on mountain bikes. The cyclist can go cycling and his back straight and not bowed like cycling with trek road bikes.

Trek hybrid bikes are faster than Trek mountain bikes and stronger at the same time than road bikes, and its price is always average between the two prices.

And you can use this bike in your daily life if the road you are traveling on is a rocky or straight road for hiking, touring in the city, or going to work.

 But it isn’t preferable to use these in long distances tours, whether straight or mountainous, but they are suitable for beginners or cyclists who do not prefer the high speeds in trek road bikes.


    Fitness Bikes

Fitness bicycles are from the best trek bikes, and their name suggests how people can use them.

Many individuals or cycling enthusiasts depend on using fitness bicycles as a form of exercise. It brings them many benefits, including the following:

  • Helping to lose weight and burn calories.
  • Helping to get rid of negative energy, stress, and anxiety.

One of these bicycles features is that you can use them in city streets, in the countryside, next to the house, and of course, in places designated for cycling as well.

City Bike

This bike is known as touring bikes or special bikes as well, and it is among the best bicycles used in racing.

City bikes are also known as work bikes, as many people rely on these bikes as an internal means of transportation to go to work.

City bicycles suit all men, women, and children, as well as beginners and amateurs.

You don't need to wear specific clothes to ride these bikes because they suit ordinary clothes, as well as, they are easy to use, control, and drive bikes with high flexibility.

In general, the individuals' preferences about trek bikes differ according to their needs and purposes. 

So, Wheels Est and its online store strive to satisfy individuals' needs with high-performance Trek road bikes, trek mountain bikes MTB, hybrid bike, and city bike for many purposes of having fun, racing, going on adventures, or as transportation means.