The best Sports bikes in Saudi Arabia


The best Trek bikes are the bikes that provide you with multiple features and professional technical capabilities for high-performance at the lowest price in Saudi Arabia.

Cyclists’ preferences for bicycles differ according to their different needs and uses, which affect their purchasing decision and their interest in a specific type.

In this article, we will mention the best Trek road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, and the best fitness bikes for the experts and  cycling enthusiasts,

Bicycles types in Saudi Arabia

Trek provides all bike types in Saudi Arabia through Wheels corporation branches and wheels online store to meet the customer needs preferences.

Before we mention the best bicycles in Saudi Arabia, we will briefly explain the most prominent bicycle types, as follows: -

·      Mountain bikes

·      Trek road bikes

·      Hybrid bikes

·      City  Trek bikes

Mountain bikes "Trek MTB."

Trek mountain bikes have powerful technical features and high performance in mountainous, rugged, and sandy areas with mountains and hills.

These bikes' tires are wide, contain powerful brakes to fully-control cycling and prevent any accidents. Trek mountain bike is considered the heaviest and the smallest one to obtain durability and strength in performance with flexibility, smoothness, and stability at the same time.

Trek Road Bikes

Trek road bikes are from the most prominent bike types that suit the paved roads. They have a distinctive design to provide the highest speed with stability and balance on paved roads.

These bikes have thin tires and a low seat to make the cyclist's back straight during cycling. Also, these bikes have lightweight, making them the most common bicycle used in racing.


Trek Hybrid bike

Trek hybrid bicycles are considered the most prominent trek bikes and the best sports bike because of technical features and high performance integrating with the attractive price for customers.

 Perhaps the most prominent feature of this bike is that it includes many mountain bikes and road bike features at the same time with many additional capabilities and features, which we will write about them later in this article.

City bikes

The city bike is a simple sports bike suitable for different individuals touring purposes. Many individuals use it to go to work, and these bikes are suit men, children and women, beginners, and professional cyclists.

The Best bike in Saudi Arabia "hybrid bike."

Trek hybrid bicycle in various categories is the best sports bike in Saudi Arabia.

Trek hybrid bicycles include mountain and road bike features, making them achieve high performance on flat paved roads and sand and dirt roads.

Hybrid bikes are multi-use bicycles and suitable for many purposes such as fitness, entertainment, transportation, adventure, and others.

Trek Hybrid bikes are the best hybrid bike in Saudi Arabia, with multiple professional features and the best price.

Many reasons make hybrid bikes the best among the different bike types. We will mention them by answering this question:

Why hybrid bikes’ are the best types of Trek bicycles in Saudi Arabia?

Hybrid Trek bicycles are the best bicycles in Saudi Arabia because they provide many mountain and road bikes features in one bike at a better price.

Hybrid trek bicycle is considered one of the best types of bicycles in price and technical capabilities together, as these bikes: -

Hybrid trek bicycle is similar to Trek road bikes in that they are: -

·      Light in weight.

·      Traveling for long distances at high speed

·      Gears and their design

Hybrid trek bicycle is similar to Trek mountain bikes in that they are: -

·      It includes strong brakes to prevent accidents.

·      It has a flat steering handle.

·      It includes a durable and sturdy structure.

·      It has tires wider than road bike ones.

In general, the Trek hybrid bikes are sold by attractive prices, as it is faster than mountain bikes, lighter in weight, and stronger than road bikes in performance and cycling.

Trek produces hybrid bicycles in categories that differ in their features to provide professional bikes with different technical capabilities and meet the various cyclists’ needs and preferences.

Trek hybrid bikes categories

Trek produces two categories of hybrid bikes. We can mention them as follows:-

·      Trek Bicycles Dual.

·      Trek hybrid bicycles FX.

Every category of these above includes different bikes at different prices and features, but there are general features for every category. We will mention them as follows:-

Trek Bicycles Dual

These bikes are the best for those looking for high-performance on different roads simultaneously (paved and sandy roads, and rugged ones).

Trek produces this category in three models as follows:-

·      Trek Dual Sport 1

·      Trek Bikes Dual Sport 2

·      Dual Sport 3

These categories include models for men and others for women known by Dual Sport for Women.

Although these bike tires are made of light aluminum, they provide balance, durability, and flexibility when passing by rugged roads.

These bikes' hydraulic disc brakes, carbon fork expansion with lock, and sturdy tires can make the cyclist go professionally and at high speed on dirt roads, gravel paths, and various weather conditions.

In general, the three models Trek Dual 1, 2, and 3, are similar in most of the technical options and appearance features in the men and women categories, except that the Dual3 has additional distinctive options not found in the previous two models.

Trek Bike Dual 3 has a high-performance Shimano HG200, 11-36, 9-speed system, puncture-resistant tires, and many gears that allow for high flexibility. In addition to some other features that the Dual 3 has: cushions, cables, and more.

Trek Hybrid Bikes FX

Trek FX hybrid bike is also known by fitness bikes due to its high performance and flexibility features.

FX Trek bicycle is a first-class hybrid bike because it includes strong brakes, durable carbon fork expansion like a mountain bike, and narrow tires like road bike tires. Also, Trek bikes FX are lightweight and fast such as road bikes.

FX bikes provide high flexibility and durability together, so they are quick and easy to use for fitness purposes and suitable for professional cyclists.

This trek hybrid bike has many models that differ in technical and appearance features and price as well.

We can mention these category models in points, as follows:-

·      Trek FX 1

·      Trek FX 1 Stagger

·      Trek FX Disc

·      Trek FX Sport

These categories mentioned include other models for each group separately, and there are some categories for women with features that differ from those of men.

This bicycle's designs meet the different cyclist's needs and purposes: for example, many individuals prefer them as a fitness bike, while many individuals use them for adventures, tours, quick transfers inside the city, and also for going to work.

Generally, these Trek bikes FX have sturdy double-walled tires, lightweight structures, and many gears to suit paved and rugged roads.

To satisfy your passion for riding your favorite bike, Wheels Corporation provides you with Trek hybrid bicycles with distinctive options and high-performance capabilities at the best price. Trek bikes, the best types of bicycles, and the best sports bikes in Saudi Arabia are available exclusively at the wheels' online store.