Wheels Est. Initiative for Cyclists Safety and Security


The Wheels Initiative for Cyclists Safety and Security include the best bicycle accessories for the safety and security of Cycling enthusiasts to help them go biking and enjoy riding the bike in a safer, better, faster, and higher-performance way.

For safety and security for cyclists, Wheels establishment offers a 40%discount when you purchase 4 or more pieces of safety and security accessories for cycling (lights, bike saddles, water bottles, bag, helmet, glove, computer, bottle cage).

Riders rely on bicycle accessories because of their importance and many advantages for mountain, road, hybrid, or city bike, and various purposes and usages such as racing, going on a picnic, or for adventures and exploration around the city.

Just as the Wheels Corporation provides the latest Trek bikes, it is always keen to provide the latest cycling accessories that riders are looking for through the Wheels Online Store and Wheels Foundation branches throughout the Kingdom.

And through this article, we will learn in detail about some of the cycling accessories for the most popular international brands like Bontrager, which riders need in Saudi Arabia.

 Cycling Safety and Security Accessories :

Bicycles accessories are many, varied in usage, and we can't explain them through one page or one article.

We can mention some accessories indispensable for riders during the day, in the dark, desert, in the city, in the race, on the road, and off-road briefly.

We mention the most prominent accessories of the bicycle in the following points:-

•    Bike lights

•    Bicycle Saddles

•    Water Bottles

•    Bags

•    Bike Helmets

•    Gloves


Trek bike lights: 

The Wheels website provides the latest lights and accessories a cyclist needs on daily tours and at night to stay safe on or off-road and in town.

Bontrager bicycle lights are the best lighting that provides the cyclist with powerful lighting illumination that helps him get a clearer view and even make the bike visible to cars on the road at night.

We highlight some of these products in brief points as follows:-

·         Light Bontrager Ion Pro RT Headlight

·         Light Bontrager Ion Comp R/Flare R City Rechargeable Set

Bontrager lighting accessories are lightweight and easy to disassemble and install, and Bontrager cycling lights are USB rechargeable.

We mention the most prominent advantages of this lighting as follows:-

        You can easily attach it to a bike rack, handlebar, or helmet

        You can install it with some electronic drivers such as Garmin and Bontrager ANT for remote control purposes

        These versatile lights provide a powerful view, day and night, of any trail, mountain road, paved road, or into the city.

        The lightning of the seat lamps is up to 2 km during the day.

The importance of bicycle saddles for safety and security :

In the interest of the safety and security of riders, Wheels Corporation provides the latest bicycle saddle that helps you go with your bike (mountain, road, hybrid, or city.) with the utmost comfort and stability.

Bontrager saddles are the best bicycle seats in Saudi Arabia, which we provide through the Wheels Store and its branches throughout the Kingdom.

Among the most prominent Trek bicycle seats:

·         Aeolus Comp 145mm

·         Saddle BNT Boulevard Fluid 225mm

·         SAD BNT COM GEL CRZ+

·         Saddle BNT Commuter Fluid 165mm



Bontrager Saddles Features :

Bontrager saddles are lightweight full-opening seats made according to the latest biomechanical research that reduces soft tissue pressure and provides the cyclist with proper strength and comfort.

The Bontrager seats include many features that make them a prominent mark in the world of air bikes, and we can mention some advantages of these seats in brief as follows:-

        Bike saddles from Bontrager are designed to help cyclists go biking in various positions, most notably Aero Road.

        It is designed based on the latest in biomechanical research. These seats help the cyclist launch with the utmost stability and strength at the same time.

        From these seats there are categories for men and others suitable for women.

        The lightweight of these seats and their smart design provides a greater balance in flexibility and strength.

Cycling Helmets :

The Bontrager helmet is one of the most prominent cycling accessories that enthusiasts need for mountain, road, or city trail bikes and all kinds of cycling purposes.

The importance of the helmet is because it protects the cyclist's head while traveling over bumpy or rocky roads, from the heat of the sun, when rain falls, or when any unexpected circumstances occur, such as the cyclist falling off the bike.

Bicycle helmet includes two layers (indoor and outdoor):-

        The outer layer absorbs the impact of shock and falling or hitting rocks and rough ground

        The inner layer protects the cyclist's head

Browse the best all categories of the Bontrager helmet on the Wheels website and choose what suits you from the following:-

·         Helmet BNT Specter WaveCel



·         Helmet BNT L. Dipper MIPS

  • Helmet Bontrager Quantum
  • Helmet Bontrager Starvos

The Bontrager aerodynamic helmet of all classes features a ventilated cellular structure, which is foldable, padded, and adjustable.

These multi-use structures are for racing, cycling, off-road exploration, and city-to-city transportation' purposes.

Bags : 

The bag is one of the most prominent bicycle accessories that cyclists need for their safety and security in their various rides and adventures and various cycling purposes.

Cyclists can take advantage of the bag to carry some tools and belongings that the cyclist may need in emergencies. So the bag is an essential accessory for the cyclist, especially on long tours and on bike exploration trips at night over bumpy and rugged roads.

Water Bottles :

Trek Water Bottles are light and easy-to-carry bottles that can keep your water fresh and cold for hours in a premium glass bottle that keeps the water cold and includes a leak-free seal.

Water dispensing is the best solution to quench your thirst, refresh your body and rejuvenate you with water during your bike ride out of town, off-road, racing, summer day, and winter night.

Water Bottles Cages :

The Water Bottle cage is one of the essential bike accessories a cyclist needs to carry water bottles throughout their Trek rides.

Wheels establishment provides the latest Bontrager cages for water cages are made of lightweight premium carbon through its website and branches of the Wheels Corporation in Saudi Arabia. Then, you can choose the right one for you.

Computers : 

Computers and accessories are digital devices that contain sensors that calculate the speed at which a cyclist goes, the time taken, and the distance taken throughout his rides. Hence, these devices enable the cyclist to view his speed. So, he can go with his bike at appropriate and safe speeds.

Cycling gloves : 

Gloves Group is one of the most prominent safety and security accessories that cyclists wear while riding a bike, especially in winter and in cold weather, to protect their hands from the cold weather.

Wheels Store offers the latest Bontrager Gloves with plenty of silicone grips on the palm and fingers to enable the rider to handle the bike more optimally in cold weather. And they also have waterproof coatings to keep them dry.


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