8 tips you can’t ignore before getting the Best Trek Bicycles in Saudi Arabia.


8 tips you can’t ignore before getting the Best Trek Bicycles in Saudi Arabia.


The best Trek bicycles are ones that meet your needs and satisfy your passion for cycling and at the same time. This bike should be high-performance. And it should consist of high-quality parts manufactured professionally by well-known and trusted companies and brands to include all the required quality, safety, and performance standards.

Before buying a suitable bike for you or your child, there are some considerations that you must keep in mind, such as type, size, quality, price, and other matters that we will explore through this article.

We will mention the essential cycling experts' tips that you can't ignore before getting a bike.

8 Tips to buy the best Trek Bikes

There are many considerations and tips that the cycling industry experts recommend before purchasing the best Trek bike.

However, there are eight essential tips that you cannot ignore before getting Trek bikes (such as Trek road bikes and trek speed marlin bikes) or even purchasing any other bicycle. And we can mention these axes in brief points as follows: -

·       Bicycle Category.

·       Bike size.

·       Bike Price.

·       Quality parameters

·       Manufacturing.

·       Spare parts

·       Maintenance

·       Bike accessories.



(1)        Bike Category

The first thing to think about before purchasing a bicycle is what type of bike is right for you.

Here we recommend that you carefully define your needs and purposes of cycling so that you can buy the appropriate bike that meets your need and satisfies your passion for cycling.

The bike type’s usages differ according to many considerations, and what is suitable for it a mountain bike cannot be done by a city bike or road bike.

Because each type of bicycle has technical features and capabilities that differ, and thus each type: has its purposes and uses.

We can mention the standards for choosing the appropriate bike in points and briefly as follows: -

·       Trek road bikes are ideal for high speeds enthusiasts and racing purposes.

·       Mountain bikes are great for excursions and touring around cities, enthusiasts, and rugged and rocky roads.

·       Hybrid bikes are very suitable for beginners in cycling.

·       Sports bikes are appropriate for entertainment and fitness purposes.

·       City bikes are great for touring purposes in the city, shopping, and going to work.

We must emphasize that Trek provides all bicycle types in Saudi Arabia only and exclusively through the wheels online store and wheels branches in Saudi Arabia.


(1)   Bicycle size.

After determining the suitable type of bicycle for your needs, you must recognize the appropriate bike size for your body height through the bicycle size methods mentioned in a previous article.

 Every type of bicycle is available in different sizes to suit the different heights of cycling enthusiasts, and there are also sizes for children of different ages.

Also, the methods of calculating the appropriate bicycle size differ according to the bicycle type: mountain, road, or hybrid bike, but there are general standards for choosing the bikes' sizes, we explain it in points as follows: -

·       If the individual is 1.67 meters tall, a 52 size or a small mountain bike is suitable for him.

·       If an individual is 1.72 meters tall, a 54 size bike or a medium-mountain bike is suitable.

·       If an individual is 1.77 meters tall, a  56  size bike or a large-mountain bicycle is suitable for him.

Here, we recommend that the cyclist should choose the appropriate bike size. So, the cyclist won't suffer from back and bone problems and pain due to the unsteady body during cycling.

That is why the Wheels online store exclusively provides Trek bike sizes, with different types, such as Trek road bikes, Trek Speed Marlin, Trek Mountain, Trek Hybrid, etc.

(2)         Bike Price.


After defining the bike type that fits your needs and determining the right size for you, you must keep in mind your budget and choose a high-quality, affordable bike as well.

Bicycles' prices vary according to the bike types, capabilities,  and advantages. Also, the bike size affects the models' prices of a single bike.

The bike's components and materials also affect the bike's price significantly. So the more carbon in the bicycle, the higher its price.

Bicycle industry experts don’t recommend very cheap bicycles because they don't contain original and durable components and parts. And they rarely have safety devices or durable brakes for emergencies.

In general, you should choose the best bicycle suitable for you according to its high-performance capabilities and features, at the best price that suits the cyclist budget, away from cheap, low-quality, low-performance bikes.

(3)   Quality parameters

When buying suitable bicycles that satisfy the cyclist's needs and purposes, the cyclist must choose a high-performance bicycle that includes all international quality standards for the bicycle industry.

So, before buying a bicycle, you should choose a high-quality, high-performance bike in all its components, such as the brake, handle, tires, etc.

We recommend choosing a bicycle manufactured by major brands in the bicycle industry: as Trek provides bikes with professional parts and components made with precision and skill, Shimano cassette, Bontrager handle, and others.

In general, high-quality, high-performance bicycles are the ones that provide the safest bikes for the cyclist in emergencies and unexpected situations while cycling, and they are bicycles whose parts aren’t easily damaged when an emergency occurs.

Trek bikes are the highest quality and durable bikes. So wheels online store provides all Trek bikes categories in different sizes and models (such as Trek road bikes, Trek Mountain, Trek hybrid, and Trek speed marlin).

(4)   Manufacturing

When choosing high-performance professional bicycles, you can't ignore the bike components and materials used in the manufacture.

Durable lightweight aluminum and lightweight carbon are the best materials from which bike frames are made. Although carbon is the best, carbon frames are for expensive bicycles compared to other bicycles made of others and even made of aluminum.

We recommend that the bike's parts and components must be high-accuracy to help the cyclist move on collisions or emergencies with all safety and without any damages.

(5)   Bicycle spare parts

To buy bicycles that will help you enjoy your passion for cycling, we recommend that you choose a high-performance bike with high-quality original parts that are available.

It is not preferable to buy a bike that does not have spare parts available for its various parts or whose spare parts are difficult to obtain in the city where you live or in your country in general.

That is why Wheels establishment provides all original Trek bikes spare parts through its online store and its branches with high-quality original parts and components for various bicycle categories.

Bike accessories and components

The bike accessories that riders need vary according to many considerations, such as the type of mountain bike, race bike, etc., for example: -

·       When cycling long distances, the cyclist needs a back bag and a bottle of water.

·       When cycling at night, the cyclist needs flashlights to clarify the vision.

  Some accessories also differ according to the weather conditions: -

There are accessories for the winter like warmers and accessories for the summer such as shorts and sunglasses.

In general, the cycling experts recommend some accessories for all cyclists. We can mention the most prominent of them in points:-

·       Biking Helmets.

·       Glasses.

·       Cycling Clothes.

·       Gloves.

·       Biking Shoes

Wheels online store and Wheels Corporation branches exclusively provide all bicycle accessories, including Trek bike accessories for various bike categories such as Trek speed marlin, Trek road bikes, Trek mountain, Trek Hybrid, and Trek marlin.

(6)   Bike Maintenance

When getting bicycles, you must know the tools and methods of maintenance needed for your bike according to the bike type and usages. For example, there are maintenance tools indispensable for mountain bike maintenance and others for city bike Maintenance.

Exceptionally the manual maintenance that the cyclist may perform by himself in emergencies and unexpected situations. There are essential methods for checking and maintaining the bicycle that the cyclist must do regularly. We mention the most prominent of them in points: -

·       The entire bike checking.

·       Bike parts adjustment and alignment.

·       Bike parts disassembling and cleaning.

·       Gears lubrication.

·       Brakes Changing.

·       Gears Changing.

·       Broken parts welding (if there are)

·       Tire welding (if needed).

·       Tire pumping (if needed).

Here, we recommend that you check the bike from time to time to ensure the validity of its various components for work in one of the wheels branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To choose the best suitable Trek bicycles for your needs and usage purposes: we advise you to visit the wheels online store, visit one of Wheels establishment branches, or contact customer service, as Wheels exclusively provides all Trek bikes, spare parts, and accessories in its online store and its shops.