The Best Trek Electric Bike in Saudi Arabia


Choosing the best trek electric bike in Saudi Arabia requires you to consider many important considerations, including the type of trek bike: mountain, road, or hybrid. In addition to the capabilities and features that you want in the bicycle differ from one to another.

With the increasing number of electric bicycle riding enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia, Wheels establishment began to provide the best electric bikes from Trek in categories, types, and capabilities that suit the needs of different individuals.

Many individuals have tended to use the e bike as a means of transportation and adventure and others. These bikes have many advantages and capabilities that we have mentioned in a previous article.

Here, we will write a brief explanation of the best electric trike in Saudi Arabia. Let's go.

The Best Trek Electric Bike in Saudi Arabia

We cannot say that there is one bike that is the best electric bike as there are many types and categories of electric bikes provided by Trek Est. Like: electric mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids, and multi-use bikes.

Therefore, we can explain the specifications of a distinctive electric trek of each of these types as follows: -

·       Trek Bike Allant +5

·       Trek Domane ALR

·       Powerfly 7

·       Trek Verve 1

Trek Allant 5

This bike is the best electric bike for cyclists looking for a multi-use e-bike, designed by Trek for commuting and roaming within the city's neighborhoods and suburbs and for weekend exploration purposes.

The Trek Allant 5 is a comfortable and rugged electric bike, and it has a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX drive system (250 W, 85Nm) that helps you cruise at a continuous high speed of 25 km / h.

This system enables you to use the smart E MTB mode to get the assistance you want when going on rough terrain and mountain roads. And it also helps you get off the ground and have fun without feeling exhausted.

This bike has large soft wheels made of lightweight aluminum, with durable 27.5-inch wheels and fork expansion that helps the rider cycle with flexibility and comfort.

In addition, the Trek Allant 5 bike comes with durable hydraulic disc brakes that help the cyclist stop hard while biking in all kinds of weather conditions.

This bike includes a Bosch Purion professional controller that enables the rider to control speed, know the distance traveled and determine the battery consumption and remaining battery.

Finally, the bike has many high-quality components and parts made by Bontrager and Shimano, including:

·       Shimano shifter with Shimano Altus M2010, 9-speed

·       Bontrager alloy, 31.6 mm, 12 mm offset, 330 mm length

Domane+ ALR

This bike is the best electric road bike for individuals who like to ride trek road bikes who look for an original road bike with extra support to help them go at the highest speed and with the least effort.

This bike has a lightweight, fast, and effective Fazua Evation electric motor to help the cyclist go with greater force and speed. This motor increases your speed to go against the wind or to race against your friends.

The frame of this bike is made of Carbon Series Alpha 300, and the tires are durable and made by Bontrager.

Trek Domane + ALR bike brakes are durable hydraulic disc brakes made by Shimano's:  Shimano 105 hydraulic disc, flat-mount. And it helps the rider stop hard when needed.

Finally, one of the most popular features of this bike is that it has a professional Shimano shifter with 11 speeds and in various sizes:

Size: 49, 52

·      Shimano 105 R7025, short-reach lever, 11 speeds

Size: 54, 56, 58, 61

·      Shimano 105 R7020, 11 speed

Powerfly7 Bike

The Powerfly7 is an electric bike and one of the best mountain trek bikes with distinctive capabilities and high-quality professional components and parts. Then, it suits different use purposes for exploration and adventures.

This bike has durable wheels made of Alpha Platinum Aluminum, which enable the riders to cycle at high speed and powerfully on rough and mountainous terrain with little effort and with the help of the power generated by the engine.

The Trek Powerfly7 runs on a Bosch E-MTB system that provides a high-performance Bosch Performance CX engine that powers the bike with 250 watts of power. And then, the cyclist can go with this bike at a high- speed of up to 25 km / h with minimal effort.

As for the battery, the bike has a 625-watt battery fully encapsulated removable RIB battery that is easy to remove and install without tools for various purposes of transport, recharging, or even to convert the bike to a bicycle.

The bike also includes a RockShox 35 Gold RL rugged 120mm front assist system to assist the rider cycle the fastest speed and with the utmost flexibility and comfort.

The Powerfly7 also includes a Purion professional control unit that equips the bike with Walk Assist and a smart EMTB mode that assists the cyclist when off-roading and on terrain with minimal effort, as it provides the bicycle with the right amount of wattage.

These bikes also have a top tube that curves down the seat tube, in the case of S-size bikes (small-tire) for short people, so that the bicycle gives them a better position when standing. While the M and L size bikes have a straight top tube that fits throughout the list, providing them with a better standing position.

Finally, Trek E-Bike Powerfly7 comes with some high quality and performance components and parts made by Shimano and Bontrager, including: -

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with sizes:-  

·      Size: S, M, L, XL

·      Shimano hydraulic disc, MT501 lever, MT520 4-piston caliper

·      Size: S, M, L, XL

·      Shimano MT520 4-piston hydraulic disc

Bontrager high-quality durable frames:

·      Bontrager XR3 Team Issue Tubeless Inner Strength sidewall

Trek Electric Bike Verve 1

Trek Verve 1 is a hybrid e bike suitable for many cycling enthusiasts’ categories of beginners and professionals because of its features, multiple professional capabilities, and reasonable price for all individuals.

This bike has fairly wide tires made of high-quality lightweight aluminum that provide the rider with the highest stability and comfort while biking at high speeds.

The bike includes high-performance hydraulic disc brakes that help the cyclist stop well in different weather conditions and in unpaved road conditions that the cyclist may cross.
This bike is a good choice for individuals who like to ride the versatile Trek e-bike hybrid to move in the city or enjoy the bike and take it on leisure rides with friends in the suburbs and outside the city.

Have a passion for going with Electric Bike and exploring new experiences in Trek Bicycles?

Beginner? Professional? or Amateur? and want to enjoy biking with high performance, fast, and quality bicycle?

 Want to go with it out of the city with the least effort?

Don’t hesitate and hurry to get the best Trek E-Bike like Powerfly7, Domane ALR, Trek Allant5, and Trek Electric Verve 1 that Wheels Est. provides through its online store and wheels branches exclusively in Saudi Arabia.