Saudi founding day offers from wheels


Saudi founding day offers from wheels

The Saudi Foundation Day, February 22, is an important memory in the history of the Kingdom. And it represents great importance in the country's national memory because it marks a historical and influential stage in the history of the Kingdom's emergence and civilization.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leadership will celebrate this year on February 22 the anniversary of the Kingdom's founding for the first time, making this day an official holiday for the Kingdom.

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, issued a royal decree declaring February 22, the anniversary of the Kingdom's founding, an official holiday every year to be added to the Kingdom's national holidays.

On the occasion of the Kingdom’s founding day, Wheels is offering special offers and discounts of up to 40% on a selection of Trek bikes and their accessories.

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During the following paragraphs, we will learn about the history of the anniversary of the Saudi founding day and the offers of the Wheels establishment on bicycles and their accessories.

Saudi Foundation Day February 22

The Saudi monarch / King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud chose February 22 to commemorate the day the kingdom was founded and the start of the Saudi state with Muhammad bin Saud assuming the rule of Diriyah on February 22, 1727 AD and 1139 AH.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates the founding day under the slogan (Youm Badina) about building and establishing the state and the beginning of the unity of the parts of the kingdom.

 The Founding Day Visual Identity

The Saudi Found Day logo reflects the Saudi visual identity, which includes 4 basic elements that we explain as follows:-

         Majlis: refers to the unity and cultural integration in Saudi society.

         Market: expresses economic mobility and openness to the world

         Dates:  It expresses growth, generosity, and life

         The Arabian horse: expresses the chivalry, heroism, and courage of the princes and men of the kingdom.

Saudi founding day discounts from wheels up to 40%

On the occasion of the Saudi Founding Day, February 22 nd, Wheels establishment offers special offers and discounts on a selection of Trek bikes, accessories, and spare parts for bicycles.

Wheels Discounts strat from 15% up to 40% on a selection of bicycles, accessories, and spare parts from 15 February to 26 February 2022.


You can take advantage of these offers and get discounts from wheels for the Saudi founding day by ordering bikes or accessories through our website or Wheels establishment branches across the Kingdom.


The Saudi Founding Day February 22 offers come from the “Wheels” Foundation, based on its pioneering role in spreading the culture of cycling and encouraging cyclists to enjoy their passion and ride the high-quality Trek bikes that we provide through the “Wheels” website and the branches of the “Wheels” Foundation across the Kingdom.