Wheels is a certified Saris Bikes distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Saris Bikes is a leading American specialized company in bicycle carriers and cracks manufacture and development.

Saris Corporation always seeks to create a more connected cyclists community through races, marathons, and group adventure trips that cyclists take everywhere.

Saris Corporation's product manufacture objectives seek to encourage individuals to love adventures by using safe bicycles for both the individual and society.

And after a unique successful journey, Saris Corporation has succeeded in widespread achieving not only in the USA or North America but in many countries in the world with its high-performance professional products.

And For the first time in Saudi Arabia, Wheels Corporation has provided Saris bicycles products in wheels' stores in different Saudi cities and recently through wheels online store.

Within a few years, we succeeded in thousands of customers' needs satisfaction with these products in Saudi Arabia.

And now, Wheels Company is one of the largest and certified Saris Bikes and products distributors, not only in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East but also worldwide.