Wheels Corporation is a certified Oakley distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Oakley is one of the most popular global sunglasses brands!
Luxottica Corporation established Oakley Company as a subsidiary of the largest glasses brand in the whole world.

Luxottica Corporation is a luxurious Italian glasses brand and it is the best-selling one in the glasses field, not only in Italy and Europe but in the whole world.

Since Luxottica Corporation establishment', and it has specialized in the medical glasses and sunglasses manufacture field. And Luxottica Corporation has achieved remarkable success and spread in the whole worldwide ever the time.

After its success in the sunglasses field, Oakley has tended to satisfy many cyclists' needs by manufacturing many adventure and mountain climbing lovers' bicycle products needed.

And then, Oakley group has succeeded in new and professional products' manufacture such as helmets, cycling clothes, visibility lenses, small bags, and other products and accessories that bicycle lovers need in general.

Wheels Corporation is the first company to provide various Oakley sunglasses in many Saudi cities through wheels’ stores spread all over the Kingdom and in wheels online store.

And within a short period, Wheels Corporation has become one of the most important certified distributors for Oakley products, not only in Saudi Arabia but in Asia in general.

As a result of wheels corporation developments for various bicycle products in Saudi Arabia and what it does to keep up with global bicycle accessories and services developments.