Electric Bikes The best inventions in cycling world


Electric bike is the latest and most important innovation for cycling that is a passion of millions of men and women in Saudi Arabia and globally.

As the number of biking enthusiasts is increasing for various kinds of mountain, road, and hybrid, electronic bicycles (E bike) have been manufactured as a new bicycles' category.

 And it has succeeded in attracting more individuals who like to ride electric cycling as a light, comfortable and fast means of transportation that does not require much effort like the traditional bicycle.

Trek is one of the first companies to manufacture professional electric bicycles with high-quality accuracy and efficiency capabilities and components. And Wheels Est. is the first establishment to provide the latest Trek electric bikes in its branches and online store.

In this article, we will explore more about electric bikes, their advantages, and the difference between them and the traditional ones.

What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes, or as they are also known as e-bikes, are bicycles with additional features and capabilities, perhaps the most important of which is the electric motor that partially supports the bike when cycling.

The e bike has a rechargeable battery that supplies the engine with energy, with a control unit to balance the effort exerted by the cyclist with the electrical energy generated. As well as there is an electronic screen that shows the battery status, consumed, and remaining energy.

How to work?

The e-bike works partly on battery power generated by the engine with the effort the cyclist exerts during cycling.

You can also operate the electric bicycle as a regular bicycle and completely abandon the engine and battery of the bike. And in this case, the cyclist needs to exert more effort energy than the effort exerted in the first case in which the cyclist relies on battery energy partially.

Why is the e bike better environmentally friendly?

The electric bike is the best environment friend because it is a fast and safe means of transportation and does not emit exhaust, thermal emissions, or carbon dioxide.

Riding an electric bike does not burn diesel, gasoline, or solar, like motorcycles, regular cars, or even electric cars, because the electronic bike (E-bike) depends on some electric energy that supports the cyclist's effort while cycling.

Go Biking with E Bike Advantages

Many advantages make many individuals buy an electric bike instead of a traditional bicycle; we will mention the most prominent of them in the coming lines.

·      The E-cycle requires less effort than the effort required by the cyclist in the case of biking with a regular one because the electric one contains a battery and a motor.

·      Therefore, the electric bicycle is suitable for all cyclists’ categories of professionals and beginners who feel fatigued while riding a regular bicycle.

·      E-bike enables the cyclist to go cycling at higher speeds than in riding a traditional bicycle. The E bike depends on battery energy and the cyclist's effort and not just the cyclist's effort, as in regular bicycles.

·      You can turn the electric bicycle into a traditional one that depends 100% on the cyclist: only by removing the battery from it.

·      Electric bikes are versatile and suitable for multiple purposes of going to work, wandering, transportation within the city, biking over heights, and exploration outside the cities.

Why are E-bikes a better choice than Motorcycle and cars for many people?

We cannot compare the E bike to regular or electric cars when it comes to a long-distance or when thinking about traveling out of town to another distant city. The comparison will be for Cars that do not yet have a competitor in the field of travel and long trips.

But when we compare the electric bicycle with cars and motorcycles for transportation within the city or in its suburbs, the electric bikes will gain many advantages. We list some of them as follows: -

·      Cars and motorcycles run on fuel, while electric bicycles run by batteries, electric power, and cyclist effort. They don't require fuel.

·      Unlike a car and motorcycle, Electronic cycling is not polluting the environment as it does not emit any heat emissions or any toxic gases such as carbon dioxide.

·      The electric bike is used as a means of transportation and exercise, as the individual does not have any sporting benefit when riding a motorbike or a car.

·      The maintenance cost of an electric bicycle is much lower than that of cars and motorcycles.

·      The prices of e-bikes are affordable for many individuals and are low compared to the cars and motorcycles prices.

·      The electric cycle is much lighter than a car or motorcycle, so it is easy to carry and move around.

·      To drive a car or motorcycle one must have a driver's license is required, While you can go on any e bike without any driver's license.

·      Driving a car or motorbike requires learning and mastering driving skills which not all individuals master, while many individuals can get off the electric bicycle and master it easily.

Trek always manufactures unique bikes for millions of biking enthusiasts around the world. And as for the electric bike: Trek Corporation has released professional E Bikes for all bicycle categories (mountain, road, and hybrid) with high-quality components for an impressive performance.

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