Electra Bikes

Wheels Corporation is the first certified Electra agent in Saudi Arabia. Electra Bikes Corporation is one of the most important subsidiaries of Trek, the world's most famous bicycle company.

Trek Corporation established Electra Company as a subsidiary of the largest bicycle brand in the whole world in 1993 in California, USA.
Electra Company always focuses on being different than many bicycle models in the American market.

Also, it focuses on creativity and innovation factors to provide customers with impressive bike designs. Then to make cycling more flexible and enjoyable.

Electra bikes Corporation continued to develop its products to provide more professional and higher-performance bikes. And after achieving widespread in North America in the men's bike category, Electra started its first steps in children's bike manufacture.

Children were no less lucky than men!

In 2001, Electra produced its first children's bicycle models to provide the children with new smart, flexible, and safe bicycles.

Electra did not stop developing its bicycle manufacture until it became men, women, and children high-performance bicycle manufacturer leader in various categories and features to satisfy all customers’ needs.

Electra began to spread worldwide with its first external headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and make this headquarters the main for Electra in Europe.

Because of the increasing demand for Electra bicycles and products, the company took successful steps to reach many countries in Asia and Europe.

Wheels Corporation is the first company that provides Electra Bicycles and products in Saudi Arabia through wheels stores located in different Saudi cities.

Wheels Corporation became one of the most popular certified Electra agents in Saudi Arabia due to the wheels' development of its stores, bicycles services and activities through wheels branches and its online store.