CamelBak Corporation is one of the most popular global companies specialized in Bicycle products and accessories, water bottles, and more.

Michael Addison founded this company in 1993 in the USA to manufacture and develop professional bicycle accessories and products.
CamelBak Corporation's establishment idea came by chance to Michael when he was in a bike race in a desert area, and the weather was hot.

And he felt the importance of bicycle accessories in such difficult conditions, especially bottles to keep water cold or cold, clothes and accessories that protect the cyclist from the sun, and more needed products for cyclists in various emergency and difficult situations.

Michael had analyzed the company establishment idea well before visiting many bicycle stores in Florida and California. Then, he began to create high-quality products that cyclists need, such as clothes and helmets.

After several years, CamelBak Corporation became one of the most popular companies specialized in the bicycle products and accessories world widely.

And now, CamelBak has many agents and distributors in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and Australia. And the company's activity is no longer limited to only the United States of America.

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